Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday #2

Description: A weekly meme hosted by yours truly that goes through any news that happened during the previous week.

Oh my gosh! I should have written this last night so I could post it this morning but stupid me forgot and now here I am rushing to get this out. So first things first...I HAD MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! I'm officially a senior now :D It was a crazy first day. We had two rallies, 30 minute classes, and food trucks at lunch! Can anyone say AWESOME? XD But it was really hot at the last rally and I have a feeling AP English is going to kill me .-.Oh yeah! I forgot to give an update with my schedule! So my senior year schedule is as follows:
-American Government
-AP English
-Honors Chemistry
-Pre Calculus
-Spanish 3
-AP US History

It's a pretty loaded schedule for a senior but if I want to bump up my GPA and get into my dream college then I need the extra load.

Another update is that since school has officially started, I may not have as much time to post every day. So if I miss a day then it's because I'm so loaded with work that I just don't have time. But don't worry! I'll try and post once a week at the minimum and you still have my reviews to look forward to ;)



  1. I'm taking American Government (we call it AP Gov) and Chemistry too :D I didn't know you had a blog TIA!!!!

    1. I actually just changed my schedule xD so now I'm taking AP gov and honors physics instead of regular gov and chem. And yeah! I just got it at the beginning of the month :D

  2. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!
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