Tuesday, October 7, 2014

20 Things You Might Not Know About Me

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Okay soooo I got tagged for this on Wattpad, but my iPod doesn't like Watty for some reason and I didn't want to deal with the hassle of making a post on there, so I decided to post it on the blog ^-^ and then tag my blogger friends instead of my watty friends! There's going to be twenty of you that I tag XD Hope y'all enjooooyy

*clears throat*

I enjoy watching The Golden Girls with my gramma
I know it's an old show but what can I say? Those chicks are hilarious! 

I have the bad habit of biting my nails
This is exceptionally bad when I'm reading an intense book...I just get so nervous for the characters that I can't help but bite them *shrugs*

I always stalk threads on goodreads in groups I'm in 
I always end up scaring one of my friends when I make a random comment XD She finds it creepy

I once had a conversation with a friend that was only made up of emojis
It was the funniest, most confusing conversation I have ever had XD

I laugh at almost everything...
I always find things funny...even things other people don't. 

The longest I've gone without reading is 2 months
When school started this year I didn't have time to read. It sucked. I didn't have anything to post on my blog and I hated that I didn't have time. It was only recently that I started reading again

I have a crush on someone I shouldn't
And no, you guys can't know who he is xD That's private

I don't like bikini bottoms. 
The only type of swimming suit bottoms I like to wear are the ones with a skirt or shorts..

My yearbook teacher always listens to either Jazz or Broadway music in class
I have to admit that I actually like the music...it's kinda soothing...like right now...listening while working on this post is one of the most relaxing moments I've had all week

I've never met my biological father
I have a dad, don't get me wrong. It's just that he isn't the one that I share my DNA with. I guess my biological parents split up before I was born and my mom raised me by herself. Then she married my dad when I was 7 :) To me family is consisted of those who have been there for you, not who you share your blood with

In the seventh and eighth grade I was in choir
Even though I was in choir for 2 years doesn't mean I'm a good singer xD I'm actually not that good 

I once contemplated dying my hair blonde...
There's a story behind this xD A guy I had a crush on told me I would look hot as a blonde so I considered it....Then I saw a picture of my mom with her hair dyed blonde....It didn't look too hot XD And considering people tell me that I'm almost a carbon copy of my mom, I knew it wouldn't look good on me either

I love How I Met Your Mother
One of my friends told me to watch the show and I fell in love <3 That show is so amazing and I'm sad that it's over...I cried during most of the last season xD

I am very, very, very technologically impaired
It's actually a miracle that I'm able to figure out most of this blog stuff...but there's a lot of it that I have to ask my friends for help

I'm a reeeeaaalllyyyy picky eater
There is so many foods that I don't like and won't eat if it were life or death. Sometimes if my mom makes something for dinner that I don't like, I just won't eat anything. Or I'll eat the few things she made that I can actually stomach. Also if something doesn't sound good, even if I like it, I won't eat either....I eat depending on my mood XD

Last year on my birthday I had apple pie instead of cake
So unlike the traditional cake and ice cream that most people have on their birthday...I have either pie or brownies because (remember I'm picky ;)) I don't like cake...well...that's not true...I don't like frosting so therefore I don't like having a cake at my parties

If there is a love triangle in a book, I always pick the underdog
I hate when protagonists fall for people that are considered "above" them. I always end up wanting them to be with someone that the author never even hinted would be a love interest. I find it sweet when they pick someone that makes them a better person instead of what that person can give them. I don't even know if this is making any sense....xD

I have a really long patience...
It may be because I'm really quiet, but I rarely get mad at people. I mean, yeah, I'll get annoyed if someone is blocking my way or aren't walking fast enough when I'm trying to get places, but when it comes to class work and having to work with a group, I don't get annoyed all that easily. 

My career aptitude tests tell me I should either be a therapist or a politician
I don't know why...I mean I get the therapist one because for some reason people come to me with their problems, but I have no clue why I would get politician...I suck at public speaking and I may be able to take charge in a group situation when I want things to get done, but I'm not that great of a leader...I'm not outgoing  enough.

I'm scared to go to college
I know I have a year left at home, but just the idea of sending in those applications has be avoiding it as much as possible...I want to go...I really, really do, but it's really scary to think about. 

Soooo yeah xD That's me ^.^ If you guys have any other questions I'll always answer them, just post a comment :)

I tag
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  1. Jazz! XD i eish I had an awesome teacher like that. Mine like reggae... not that reggae's bad... but... I prefer jazz xD

    1. XD I never used to like jazz...it wasn't until recently that I found it helps ^.^