Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chills and Thrills #ReadingCram : Teaser Challenge

Today's challenge is to post a teaser from the book we're currently reading and add 3 spooky words to it! I personally love this challenge idea! Teasers are always fun ^.^

About swimmers and hikers who died at Trowbrige Falls, where the deadly party was that year. About how they liked to try to make you have the same accident they did, and more than one person had been victim to an invisible push at the cliff edge, or a decaying hand dragging them down the river current. That part makes me prick up my ears. From what I know about ghosts, it sounds probable. In general, they like to pass around the bloody badness that happened to them.

My words aren't that great but I still hope y'all like the teaser! :D I'm really loving this book so far. It's so creepy and Kendare Blake's writing is so vivid that it actually feels like I'm there with Cas...*shudders* I can't wait to find out what happens with Anna.

What are your teasers? 


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