Saturday, November 1, 2014

Chills and Thrills #ReadingCram : Wrap up and Costume Challenge

Oct 31--Wrap Up challenge with Costume challenge (optional)  Do a readathon wrap up on their blog, YouTube, whatever of what they read, etc, and also post a pic or dress up in your Halloween costume! That part is optional, only if they want to! Hosted by DANASQUARE

We have now reached the end of our fantastic Halloween read-a-thon! I have to say that I had a blast participating in this #ReadingCram and I cannot wait until next year to see how many new people will join in the fun. I didn't get as many books read as I wanted to, but I still think this was such a good way to bring people together and make new friends.

The books I completed this week:
Anna Dressed in Blood

Sleep No More

I nearly finished:

Girl of Nightmares

So even though I didn't finish my whole TBR, I still think of this as an accomplishment! :D Thank you so much Dana, Jen, Red, and Rachel for hosting this fantastic read-a-thon! Maybe next year I'll be able to host a challenge ;)

The second part of today's challenge is to post a picture of your Halloween costume! I did dress up today, like I'm going to dress up every year for as long as I can, and this year I'm going as Rachel Barry from Glee. I'm going out with my friends and we all thought that it would be funny to dress up as people from glee. My friend Nikki is Santana, my friend Tara is Sue, and my friend Santiago is Blaine

My Costume:

The Group of us:
(Pictures will be added when I get them from my friend)


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