Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lailah by Nikki Kelly

Lailah by Nikki Kelly
Average Rating on Goodreads: 3.9 of 5 stars
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Page Count: 352


The girl knows she’s different. She doesn’t age. She has no family. She has visions of a past life, but no clear clues as to what she is, or where she comes from. But there is a face in her dreams – a light that breaks through the darkness. She knows his name is Gabriel.

On her way home from work, the girl encounters an injured stranger whose name is Jonah. Soon, she will understand that Jonah belongs to a generation of Vampires that serve even darker forces. Jonah and the few like him, are fighting with help from an unlikely ally – a rogue Angel, named Gabriel.

In the crossfire between good and evil, love and hate, and life and death, the girl learns her name: Lailah. But when the lines between black and white begin to blur, where in the spectrum will she find her place? And with whom?

Gabriel and Jonah both want to protect her. But Lailah will have to fight her own battle to find out who she truly is

So...Laiah...gosh not writing a review for a book in so long puts a damper on things...I know what I want to say but then at the same time I don't..

I guess I'll start with what my expectations had been. You guys will not believe how excited I was to get this book from the library. I had been waiting forever to read this because every time I went online my library card wouldn't work and I didn't have enough money to buy it. I had also talked to Nikki on twitter and found that she was an amazing person! I just had to have her book and when I finally got it I figured that I would devour it within a day...however that was not the case. It actually took me three weeks to finish it. The main reason for that was because I was just busy but I also felt no motivation to at all /:

The book itself was actually pretty good! It wasn't magnificent like I had been thinking it would be but I would still read the sequel because the ending was fantastic! All the back and forth between Jonah and Gabriel got on my nerves a little because I felt that the book should have focused more on who the hell Lailah really was and not who she loved. I wouldn't have minded a little romance because a book is not complete without at least something romantic happening...but it was kinda insta loveish and I didn't like that.

Also the word choices were a little off o.O Like...certain words Nikki used for certain actions just didn't seem like the best words she could have used...and a lot of the time it felt like she was personifying everyone as animals...

Other than those things though, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The concept was unique and she is a really talented writer. The chracters were pretty relatable which is hard to do and I could easily feel the emotions of everyone within myself :D I do recommend this to others, especially those who are looking for something new :D

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  1. Hahaha your thoughts are practically identical to mine!
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