Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sisterhood of World Book Bloggers

I want to thank Dana from Dana Square for nominating me for this! You're the best!


1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their site
2. Post the award's logo on your blog
3. Answer the 10 questions you've been asked
4. Nominate 10 other bloggers and ask them 10 new questions

Questions from Dana:

1. What was the last book that you gave 5 stars to?
Love and Other Unknown Variables by Shannon Lee Alexander

2. What book got you into reading YA?
I actually don't remember o.O I would just read whatever books I thought sounded interesting. I didn't even know what YA was xD

3. What character from a series deserves their own spin-off book or series?
Celeste from The Selection by Kiera Cass. She was actually one of my favorite characters even though she was a bitch

4. What is your most recent favorite genre?
Contemporary...I've been reading a lot of it lately

5. Do you collect anything other than books?
Owls...anything that has an owl on it, I tend to accumulate. Especially statues

6. What is you favorite TV Show?
Currently? Once Upon A Time...but I also really really love How I Met Your Mother!

7. What is the next book in you TBR pile?
Um...well I'm supposed to be reading Want To Hang Out Sometime but I just started Envy so I haven't been keeping to my TBR list at all this month :P

8. Who is your most owned author?
Margaret Peterson Haddix. She was my favorite author in 6th grade and I bought so many of her books at one time because I missed the chance to meet her because my school was like "You can't stand in line unless you have a book" It was devistating...

9. When did you start blogging?
I started July 30th so not that long ago

10. Which book that you love do you think deserves more hype?
Love and Other Unknown Variables...I've seen people talking about it but not as much as other books that have recently been released.

My Questions:

1. What is your favorite song(s) (and yes I'm just looking for recs xD)
2. How many books on average do you read a month?
3. What is the one book you absolutely cannot live without?
4. Ninjas break into your house and plan on stealing your bookshelf, what character do you channel to beat them?
5. Have you ever read a book because you wanted to cry?
6. What Disney character do you think you are most like?
7. How long do you think you would be able to go without reading?
8. On a scale of 1-10 how crazy do you get if something doesn't go right on your blog?
9. If you were to meet your favorite author of all time, how would you react?
10. Coke or Pepsi?

I tag:
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  1. Great post! Thanks for tagging me! :)

  2. Thanks for the nomination! :D great questions, I can't wait to answer them

  3. Alright! Here are my responses:

  4. Thanks for tagging me Tia! I'll do it soon! :D