Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Finishing the Series Challenge

Hey guys! I've decided to join another challenge this year! Recently, I went through my Goodreads To-Read shelf and realised that I had way to many. So, I did some spring cleaning so to speak. Now I have considerably less books on my TBR list that seems a lot more possible to complete. I also realised just how many series I have yet to finish. That's what this challenge is going to help with! I made a vow saying that I wouldn't start any new series (though there are so many that I want to start!! Dx) until I finish the ones I've already started. I'm hoping that this challenge will keep me on track so I can start all those other wonderful series out there.

More information about the challenge:

It's hosted over at Bea's Book Nook and if you'd like to sign up go to her sign up post here where she has all of the rules about challenge!

Level 1 (Novice series reader) - Complete 1 series.
Level 2 (Testing the waters) - Complete 2 -4 series.
Level 3 (Experienced) - Complete 3 - 6 series.
Level 4 (Expert series reader) - Complete 7 or more series.

I'm choosing Level 4, though I haven't decided which series I'm doing yet :)


  1. This sounds like an awesome challenge! I definitely need to complete a few series that I have started. Great post, Tia. :)
    #Commenting 365

    1. You should definitely join the challenge if you wanna get those series finished!!

  2. It sounds like you have some awesome challenges coming up this year! I am taking part in a few myself including the #RockmyTBR one! I am cheering for us both!


    1. Good luck on your challenges! Let hope this year is a success for both of us :)