Sunday, May 22, 2016

Borehold Bazaar: A Vow Unbroken by Kendra Namednil Now Available for Pre-order!

Borehole Bazaar: A Vow Unbroken
By Kendra Namednil

About Borehole Bazaar: A Vow Unbroken

Kendra was born and raised in foggy Humboldt County at the northern edge of California. She has always been fascinated with the ways in which people adapt to extreme hardship and change.

The idea for the book came after an in-depth look at the abuse she’d witnessed in her friends and family growing up. In particular, the inspiration for many of the scenes comes from looking at friends, family, co-workers, and classmates raised within kind, loving, over-protective families that find themselves suddenly needing to survive abusive, hard, untenable situations. She has worked with dogs recovering from abusive situations as well. Kendra has a firm belief that no situation is helpless until breath ceases to motivate the diaphragm. She has worked through the entire story, but is always appreciative of any small bugs being pointed out.

Excerpt of Chapter One: Pride Before Fall
Orcs are a large representative of the Hard races. They usually have perfectly straight, very oily dark green hair. In low light, this usually appears to be black. They have a pair of jutting tusks, which vary in length and thickness by the region and genetics. Orcs have a peculiar and fairly universal sort of arcana, in that they naturally stop growing at about six feet, but grow larger each time they utterly dominate another. They are a fractious race, solving most issues with their fists, though it is rare for them to kill each other. Instead, combat is highly ritualized with most disputes resolved after just one blow. Their skin color ranges from dark red to pale orange, with a few having purple or greenish brown hues.

While both men and women fight, the society is highly divided by gender. Both males and females will raise a band’s collective young, though they rarely intermix outside of coitus or incidental proximity. Both genders are highly modest in dress, feeling vulnerable if they are not fully armed with an excess of weapons, especially hand daggers and the like. They typically wear multiple layers of studded leather.

Orcs usually get on well with other races, at least so long as those races understand that they are subservient to the leading orc or Warchief. Alternately, or in villages, the lead orc may be referred to as the Hordechief, and the short form of this is just the Chief. They do not keep slaves, though the belief that they do is founded on the violence of their hierarchy. Humans and other less powerful races, generally unable to keep up in unarmed combat, tend to be pushed into menial labor within the small hordes they are a part of.

Ptielieren hit his knees hard as the wagon came to a stop. He was absolutely exhausted; tired beyond reckoning. His throat was raw, his hands and legs chafed and bled from the heavy shackles and poorly fitted brace and his very body begged him to die peacefully and with dignity.

He would not. His ward, his oath sworn ward, pitched to the ground beside him. Ptielieren threw himself over Traisyelianiel d’Syvaeleyneextrepstre, shielding the young elf from harm. The thirty year old lay limply beneath him as the giant beast that had tormented him and his colleagues, what few that remained, made a face and walked away, unhitching the single remaining horse. Its companion had been sold to a party of bugbears some two days ago and the bugbear had ordered all its captives to carry, push and drag the cart over the remaining terrain as the lack of proper trail made such an endeavor very nearly impossible for the single animal.

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