Monday, September 5, 2016

It's Monday! Let's Discuss....Book Buying Bans

This week I want to talk about book buying bans. 

So I know we all have a problem with buying too many least I do. This past year, since I was at college. I put myself on a book buying ban. I never knew that there could be backlashes once you stopped the ban. This summer I probably came home with over 100 books. I don't know if any of you have had this problem but it was so startling! I had never bought so many books over the course of a summer before.

Online shopping makes buying books so easy now! Just a few clicks and you've got books that will be delivered straight to your door. Amazon has become such a problem that I even have Amazon Prime now!

The cycle is never ending though.

1. We are content with the amount of books we have

2. We start wanting to buy new books

3. We buy a few here and there

4. We start getting a book buying high

5. So we buy even more books until we are drowning in them

6. We realise we have a problem so we put ourselves on a book buying ban

7. We go crazy wanting to buy more books but know we can't

8. We slowly become content with the books we have

And then the cycle starts all over again. I mean there has to be a way to break this cycle right? To be able to buy books every once in awhile without going crazy and spending hundreds of dollars on books we probably don't need at that moment.

Do you put yourself on book buying bans? If not, how do you control yourself?


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