Monday, September 19, 2016

It's Monday! Let's Discuss....eBooks vs Physical Copies

This week's topic is eBooks vs physical copies

I know that this has always been a debate in the book community. Everyone always asks which one is better and we all have our own preferences.


- Allows you to bring multiple books with you where ever you go
- eBooks are cheaper
- You can read in the dark

- You can't smell them (yes...I smell books)
- No battery, no book
- Nothing can replace the feel of a real book in your hands

Physical Copies:

- Keeps tradition alive!
- No battery so no problem
- You can smell them and feel the pages underneath your fingers

- Heavy and hard to carry
- Hard to store them
- You can't read in the dark

As you can see there are pros and cons to both types of books. It is just up to you to decide which you like better. Personally I like physical copies because, if you didn't gather already...I love the smell of books haha

Which do you prefer?


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