Monday, October 31, 2016

It's Monday! Let's Discuss....Mental Illness/Abuse In Books

This week the topic I thought we would discuss is mental illness and abuse in books, specifically YA

Recently I have seen so many tweets about how it's okay to have a mental illness and that if you do there are people who understand and are willing to talk with you about it, and I gotta say, it warms my heart to see that. Mental illness IS okay to talk about and you shouldn't feel ashamed for feeling the way you feel.

I, myself, suffer from depression and anxiety. My family always made me feel like I shouldn't talk about it. My father, scoffing, and telling me to suck it up, that we all dealt with stuff and it was how life worked.

Then I found books where they actually had main characters with mental illnesses and I realized that it was actually okay to talk about it and okay to ask for help. We need more of these books. Even though there are more now than before, I still feel like there are too many people who believe mental illness is all an act or feels uncomfortable with it being talked about.

It's the same with abuse. I've talked to a few people on Twitter and they said they shy away from books with that type of subject because it makes them uncomfortable. It should. It should make you so uncomfortable that you want to do something about it. That you want to read as much about it so you can inform others so that people aren't ignorant. There are too many cases nowadays where sexual abuse, or even other forms of abuse, is dismissed because there isn't "proof." We should not live in a time where it is so hard for people to put their attackers away.

I believe the only way for things to change, is to put more information out on the subject. To start writing books, discussing it on social media, anywhere that you think it will reach people. That's actually what my main book is about. It has 4 main characters who have suffered some type of abuse, be it mental, sexual, or physical.

So please, be more aware and make sure people who you know have gone or is going through this, know that it's okay to talk about it.

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  1. I really love that these subjects are being brought up more and more in literature (especially in YA) because the best way to remove a stigma is to expose people to it so people know about it. It's kind of like the herd effect: if everyone knows about abuse, abusers will become outcasts of society and will eventually cease to exist!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks