Monday, October 10, 2016

It's Monday! Let's Discuss...Organization and TBRs

This week's topic is Organization and TBRs! I thought I could talk about how I organize my TBR books and all of my blogging info

We all have our own method when it comes to choosing books to read for the month, posts to schedule for the week, and the exact timeframe to get everything completed on time. We all use some form of a planner, be it a bullet journal, a gigantic wall calendar, or a cheap yearly planner we picked up at Office Max (or the equivalent in your area).

For me, I have probably about 5 calendars to organize my life. Even then I sometimes don't get to everything in time! Like this post for example. It was supposed to go up last week but I didn't have it ready and I ended up injuring my neck/shoulder so I couldn't focus on anything.

I have a small cheap planner that I picked up at Wal-Mart, but I have been considering transferring over to bullet journalling because it looks so pretty and organized! But I want to wait until I learn some calligraphy for that because I want to be able to make mine the way I REALLY want it. I also have a wall calendar. It's mainly there for personal things because my fiance has probably the worst memory ever, but I do add some important blogging things to it if need be.

Since I have a Macbook, I also use the note app a lot because it's so handy! I have a list of my TBR organized by month and year, I also make sure I stay on track and only give myself a specific amount of days to read a book (though it hasn't been working out as well as I'd hoped haha)

When it comes to ARC organization, I forget where I got this idea, but it definitely wasn't mine! I made a spreadsheet with the date I got the book, the date it releases, the title, author, where I got it, etc. I believe it was from Nori over at ReadWriteLove28 (but correct me if I'm wrong and you know what spreadsheet I'm talking about). It has been a complete lifesaver when it comes to reading ARCs on time!

How do you organize your blogging life?

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  1. I have the same sort of system, actually! I have a wall calendar for big dates and movie releases. I don't have a planner for blogging, though, actually. I just found that it took too much time for me to keep it up when I could just as easily remember everything or I make a note of it using the sticky notes app on my laptop (I have a Windows operating system). If I really want to keep on track, I'll make a note in my school planner (and general to-do planner) to do it (write a post or what have you). I do have the same system for ARC's, though! I used to just write down the title and the author but I would always end up posting late or panicking at the last minute so I switched to the spreadsheet and it's been so wonderful! I also put in a deadline for myself (when I want to have the book read and reviewed by) so I keep on track and I use green and red color-coding (red for when I'm past my set deadline which is usually a few days before the absolute deadline) so I can see what books I have to read next at a glance. This is such a great topic! I feel like everyone has their own system that works for them and I love seeing what other people do and maybe get some ideas!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks